Crossfit Craziness

Today my friend Ashley and I went to check out something I’ve been wanting to try for a while…. CROSSFIT!  We went over to Crossfit Crofton to meet the staff and get in a workout.  If you’ve never heard of it, check out the CrossFit website.  It’s basically a hard-core workout that includes many powerful forms of exercise, from running and powerlifting, to agility and yoga.  It has been used to get fire-fighters, military, athletes and the like in shape  for their sport or job.  The owner, Garrett, was great and put us through a short, fun workout that had us sweating and cursing by the end.  My favorite kind of workout!

Here’s what we did:


Rowing machine – 400 m

Shoulder warmup, hip opening stretches

3 x 10 bodyweight squats

2 x 10 warmup pushups

Main Set – Complete as many rounds in 12 minutes as possible!

3 burpees

6 bodyweight rows

9 Wall Balls

Cool Down and Stretch

Fun? yes. Easy? NO!

I completed 11 rounds of these suckers and it was a great workout!  I think we’ll be back soon to sign up for some sessions 🙂

Did you get your behind moving today? What’s you’re favorite workout??

Note: If you are not accustomed to exercise or have cardiovascular issues, Crossfit is not for you….yet.  Exercise is a good idea, but exercising safely is more important.  This is not a beginner’s gym.  However, if you are generally healthy with no health risks and want a nice whipping of your behind, go for it!

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