Good Reads

So my sick day on Thursday turned into a sick 5 days, leaving me and the Finn monster to snuggle up in bed for most of the weekend.  So, unfortunately I have no workouts to post for ya.  However, that down time did give me a lot of time for reading.  Now that I’m on the mend, I’m going to share with you a couple good articles I’ve come across on my sick day(s).

  • Zen Habits.  What a great blog.  I’ve read it before but every now and then this author’s article just resonates with me so well at the most appropriate times.  The link is to one particularly good article, but please browse around the site because it just has so many good things to read.
  • What it means to really take care of yourself.  Man, did this one hit me over the head.  Especially since I am sick and definitely guilty of a “go-go-go” and “say-yes-all-the-time” lifestyle.  This post was a guest post, I believe, by Cat Li Stevenson on the blog “Tiny Buddha“.  Yet another enlightening blog worth your time 🙂
  • Lastly, a recommendation from Mama Pea.  Though I am not a vegan, I do limit my meat consumption and think a plant-based diet has a LOT of benefits for both your health and the planet.  This article was fun to read.  Did you know Mike Tyson is now a vegan? Ya, me neither.  Mom, you’ll probably have to explain to Grandma what a vegan is again.  Sorry.
So there ya go, some fun reading for your sunday night!  The Zen Habits blog as well as the Tiny Buddha blog both have me really wanting to become a morning person.  GASP!  My immediate family is probably picking themselves off the floor from laughing now, but we’ll see how possible this actually is.  These blogs have some posts about how to become a morning person, and I know some people who will just lose their religion if this somehow works on me after 25 years.  So, I’ll keep ya posted 🙂
**Updated to Add:  A big Congratulations to yet another long time best friend, Caitlin Codd, on her engagement to her boyfriend Nick!  Yay! Wedding bells are ringing around here lately 🙂

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