10 Healthy Living and Eating Tips

  1. Sweat every day.  Get your body moving everyday.  Some days can be more intense than others, but it’s important to keep moving.
  2. Count your veggies.  I had a running friend who used to say she was a walking V-8 bottle, always focusing on the amount of servings of veggies she was getting.  She would count her servings of fruits and veggies to make sure she got in the recommended amount each day (2-3 servings fruit, 3-4 servings veggies by the way), and then work her meals around those.  Obviously proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are important too, but we don’t seem to be lacking on those here in America, so if we focus our attention on the vitamins we’re getting through real food, the rest will come naturally.
  3. Strength train.  Are you a cardio queen trying to lose weight?  Yes, cardio will burn the most calories and give you the best burn for your buck, but weight training is equally as important.  Building muscle helps you raise your resting metabolism so that you will essentially burn more calories doing everything else you do.  Also, muscle gives your body a little shape and tone and allows you to be more efficient during those cardio bouts. If you’re clueless on proper form, take a Body Pump class at the gym, which leads you through a set routine, or hire me .  Hehe. 🙂
  4. Mix it up.  If you’re bored with working out, its probably because you’re doing the same thing way too often.  Take a new class, switch up your routine, or kick your weights up a notch.  The body is extremely adaptable and if your mind is bored, your body was probably bored a long time ago.  The best results happen when your body is outside its comfort zone.
  5. Start with a good breakfast.  Include some complex carbohydrates and protein, and possibly some fruit if you’re still hungry.  This combo will keep you full, and set a good tone for your eating the rest of the day.  Try oatmeal with banana and scrambled eggs.  Check out some of my links over on the Blog Love sidebar and you will surely find some creative, yet simple eats that are made for those on the go!
  6. Write it down…occasionally.  I personally HATE writing down my eats.  But if you’re not seeing results, try writing all your food, eat times, and portion sizes down for just 3 days.  If you’re not sure about portion sizes, look up the calories and write those down too.  CalorieKing.com is a good resource for this.  This should give you a good idea about where you stand in your calorie budget, as well as what unneccessary things you might be grazing on randomly.  Make the necessary adjustments and get yourself back on track.  If you have to write down those 5 pretzels you might think twice about if you really needed them. 🙂  Note: if you do better electronically, here are a few good sites for online food journaling and figuring out your daily caloric needs: Fit Day, The Daily Plate
  7. Ask for help.  If you’re having trouble leading a balanced workout or eating life, look for a professional to help you, even if it’s only temporary.  You can use ACSM’s ProFinder to find an exercise professional, and find a registered dietician here.
  8. Set a goal.  Goal setting can be for all aspects of your life.  It helps you to stay accountable, feel accomplished, and work hard towards something that matters to you.  Follow Lululemon’s Goal Setting tips – a great resource.
  9. Drink water.  Lots of it.  You should have at least 64 oz. of water per day, and more before and after working out.  Water obviously helps you to maintain hydration, but also helps your body systems to work properly and efficiently.  Also, its a great way to keep your calories down during the day by not drinking your calories.
  10. Take a day off.  Work hard and eat well 90% of the time.  Save your cheat days and rest days for special occasions. Enjoy your cookie, your beer, your birthday cake, whatever.  Give yourself a little break, and enjoy it.  Then get back on the wagon 🙂

Lululemon Manifesto – http://www.lululemon.com

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One thought on “10 Healthy Living and Eating Tips

  1. Slim Em says:

    Great tips! Thank you!

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