Tofu – It’s What’s For Dinner

Ok someone please buy me one of these.  I feel like I am completely negating any positive impact eating a plant-based diet may have on my carbon footprint by using half a roll of paper towels to drain my tofu every time I make it.

makes so much more sense.

So, dinner tonight was yet another delicious recipe from Mama Pea‘s cookbook.

Teriyaki Tofu.  Served with a brown rice/red quinoa mix and edamame.

So good.

Would you guess that this whole meal took under 30 minutes to make…including homemade teriyaki sauce, pressing/marinating tofu, and ALL?!  Let me tell you, healthy food and convenience CAN be used in the same sentence and if you seen my general lifestyle, I do not have time to be slaving over complicated meals.  Nor do I eat your typical “fast food”.  But yet, my meals are fast, nutritionally balanced, awesome, and husband-approved.

What else could you ask for? (Besides Mama Pea’s cookbook.)


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